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Malta is a popular year-round destination with its wonderful climate and picturesque villages, there is plenty to do during your stay in Malta. Malta as a destination offers you plenty of interesting things to do and see and better still the locals are English speaking with some well spoken in other European languages. The Maltese Islands are just a short flight away from any European destination, a 3 hour flight at the most from the UK. To book an airline has become fairly easy with a good selection of carriers that operate cheap flights to Malta and there are plenty of hotels to choose from to suit your pocket.

The majority of airline carriers have made it much simpler for the traveller to book their flight with the option of online facilities offering a wide range of services to suit your requirements and budget. You will note the competitive prices when you book your Malta flight with airlines featuring a low cost for the flight. You are then given the option to add services such as baggage, priority boarding, baby car booster seats, sports, musical equipment and others. So keep an eye out for these extras when you have a tight budget. Another important factor is to remember, is make sure you print off your boarding passes, these may come at a charge should you not have them handy when checking in.

There is no off peak season for flights when you book Malta with it being an all-year- round destination. However flight costs will vary depending on the time of year due to holiday periods etc. Great accommodation packages are offered when you book Malta flights from most online portals. These packages will incorporate cheaper accommodation prices and the best deal on Malta flights.

Hotels in Malta

There is a vast selection of Malta hotels available ranging from 2 star to 5 star luxury hotels. Hotels are located all over the island with the majority being in the north and east coastal areas, to suit every budget offering a good range of facilities. Most hotels which have a website offer an online facility allowing you to book your holiday real-time.

In the north coastal area, St.Paul’s Bay, is a popular destination for holidaymakers, which is now a developed area built around the original picturesque fishing village. The resorts of Bugibba and Qawra offer a good number of hotel accommodation, tourist facilities and amenities.

The coastline is primarily rocky but there are still plenty of opportunities for swimming and sunbathing, with a choice of beach clubs and lidos in the resort. There are hotels in the northern resorts of Mellieha and Golden Bay, both boasting their popular sandy beaches, each with their stunning surrounding views.

The main resorts of Sliema and St Julians are on the east coast of the Islands, both areas extremely popular and are linked by a seafront promenade. Many hotels are located on the coastal areas or on seafront promenades; others can be found tucked away in quiet streets but still in walking distance to the promenade and amenities. Sliema is more upmarket with its busy waterfront cafes, bars and many shops and small malls, whilst St Julians is considered to be the best place for entertainment in Malta, offering a bustling nightlife with an abundance of eateries, restaurants, bars, chic cafe’s, clubs, cinemas, bowling alley and more. The main resort in the south of Malta is Marsascala, with its tranquillity and colourful bay, popular with the locals.

The capital of Malta, Valletta, is an ancient fortified city, a historical gem, full of culture, wonderful artefacts and beautiful buildings, dating back to the 15th century. Valletta is oozing with architectural delights, never ending streets with quirky looking buildings, some from the 15th century or from during the British governance and others more recent. Palazzo’s, piazzas, monuments are just a few marvels to mention. St John’s Co Cathedral, with Caravaggio’s masterpiece of the Beheading of St John the Baptist, the Grand Master’s Palace and War Museum. One also has plenty opportunities to enjoy a celebrated selection of local and international performances in its magnificent baroque Manoel Theatre or at St James Cavalier with its stylish architecture. Valletta is also one of the main shopping hubs in Malta, offering an abundance of indoor and outdoor cafeterias and good eateries. Valletta is a great place to stay in, with hotels located in various areas of this remarkable city, some overlooking superb harbour views, and others have views of botanic gardens or grand historic monuments.

History buffs will be enthralled with the Island’s several millennia of history waiting to be explored. From fascinating archaeological sites, some of which are older than the Pyramids, various imposing buildings dating back to the 15th century from the days of the Knights of St John, to the amazing St John Co Cathedral in Valletta, Malta’s capital city. Not to forget to mention the several churches throughout the Island – there is literally one for every day of the year! Museum lovers will enjoy getting lost during their visits to Malta’s several treasures. Each museum houses impressive artefacts from various eras be it art, archaeology, natural history or war time. Enjoy afternoons of lazy sunbathing, water sports or take a boat trip around the striking coastline of hidden lagoons, rugged cliff tops and beaches. You can easily book for any boat trip or enquire about any other activities from the hotel front desk.

It is worth noting that throughout the year a good number of Malta hotels like to feature special promotions on their websites, which are great to take advantage of and book your flight and accommodation there and then.

You will find the Maltese Islands to be a treasure that offers great value for money with welcoming service.

Malta News

Government to absorb ‘surplus’ Air Malta cabin crew, engineers

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 19:54:02 +0200
Air Malta flight attendants and engineers who will not be taken over by Alitalia or who refuse voluntary redundancy will be offered a job by the government, this newspaper has learnt. Agreements providing for such arrangements have been reached between the government and the unions representing the categories in question, the Times of Malta was told. A solution safeguarding any surplus pilots should a merger with Alitalia be concluded was also found but, so far, the government had not accepted to offer similar arrangements to ground staff, sources close to the negotiations said. In the case of pilots, the agreement envisaged that if there were still any surplus staff following a still-to-be-devised voluntary redundancy scheme they would probably be offered work within the Alitalia and Etihad networks where the financial package is known to be superior to Air Malta’s. According to a business plan presented by Alitalia to the government, Air Malta will have to sack about 60 of its current 190 cabin staff complement. The sources said that an agreement was reached with their union on a “lucrative” voluntary redundancy scheme. Those who did not opt to join the scheme would be... >
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Murdered for five shillings 125 years ago today

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 18:55:03 +0200
The alley in Dingli, today called Sqaq Santa Tereża, where Mr Abela is believed to have been murdered 125 years ago. Wiġi Abela was preparing bread at his Dingli home at 3.15am when a sudden and loud noise drew his attention outside. Little did the 62-year-old man know that by walking out of the house, where he also had a baker’s oven, he had just walked straight to his death. Three robbers were hiding in an olive tree and the noise was the sound of an onion hitting the bakery which was meant to draw Mr Abela’s attention, according to the victim’s descendent Clive Sammut. Outside in pitch dark and with no one around, the baker was shot dead. The robbers made off with some five shillings, the money Mr Abela had made from the sale of a donkey, Mr Sammut said. This murder happened 125 years ago to the day in the sleepy rural village of Dingli where some of Mr Abela’s descendants – including Mr Sammut – still live. The murder victim was the great-grandfather of Mr Sammut’s late grandfather. “My grandfather used to recount this story to me and since I am interested in genealogy, I wanted to trace it back,” Mr Sammut said when contacted about his initiative to place an In Memoriam in the newspaper. “Few in the family know of this incident and I felt it was important to remember my relative,” Mr... >
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Japanese training squadron set to arrive in Malta today

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 17:56:05 +0200
The training ship, Kashima, and the destroyers TV Setoyuki and DD Asagiri on their way to Malta. A Japanese squadron, consisting of a training ship and two destroyers, will be visiting Malta between tomorrow and Tuesday as part of a world cruise lasting up to early November. The aim is for the officers, who graduated from the Officer Candidate School of the Japan Maritime Self-defence Force, to acquire seamanship and promote friendly relations between Japan and the countries on their itinerary. The ships will also be visiting the United States, Panama, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Djibouti, Kenya and the Philippines. The squadron, which is under the command of Rear-Admiral Hidetoshi Iwasaki, has 750 officers and enlisted men and 200 cadets, including 20 women. The training ship, Kashima, and the destroyers TV Setoyuki and DD Asagiri will be opening their doors to the public on Monday from 10am to noon and from 1 to 4pm. In the evening, the JTS Brass Band will give a public concert at the Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta from 7 to 8.30pm. The last time the training squadron visited Malta was in August 2005. >
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Boy, 6, disappointed with GCSE maths D grade but now aiming for A-level

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 17:15:00 +0200
A six-year-old boy who passed his GCSE maths 10 years early is now aiming at taking his A-level in the subject. Sherwyn Sarabi, who read from the age of two and had his IQ tested as 160 when he was four, is also planning on taking his physics GCSE. The gifted pupil, who also loves wrestling, music, playing with his dog Papoo and gymnastics, had hoped for a C grade but consoled himself that his D score was not far short He said: "I got 58 or 59 marks and a C was 70. I could have got a C. "It doesn't matter though, I still passed. "I'm going to go to A-level even though I haven't got an A or A*." Asked when he might take the paper, he said: "I'm not sure, maybe next year." He sat two one hour 45 minutes papers and passed the GCSE despite walking out of one exam 35 minutes early. Sherwyn had only studied the GCSE syllabus for six months and missed some of the modules, his proud mother Amanda said. The former music teacher stressed he was allowed to have a normal childhood, but he loved to learn and she strongly denied she and husband Davoud were "pushy parents". She said: "This is not something we decided, it is something we have to do to keep him happy." Although she and her... >
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Mariah Carey didn't know she'd have to sing in first carpool karaoke

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 17:09:00 +0200
Mariah Carey had no idea she would be asked to sing when she climbed into a car with James Corden for the first carpool karaoke, his show's executive producer has revealed. Carey was the first star to take part in the wildly successful segment of The Late Late Show with James Corden, before Adele, One Direction, Justin Bieber and most recently Britney Spears all hopped in the passenger seat. Carey's segment has since racked up 27 million YouTube views. Before the clips became a viral sensation they were turned down by "every publicist you can think of", Ben Winston has revealed. Winston said their luck only turned around when he and Corden bumped into a member of Carey's team at a party and "went at her hard", showing her a clip of Corden and George Michael singing Wham! hits in a car for Comic Relief. Winston told the Edinburgh International TV Festival: "The next day it was booked and we were shooting it. I don't know what Mariah thought but when James pressed play she was like 'We are not going to sing'". Fortunately she eventually gamely sang along to her hits including Always Be My Baby, Vision Of Love,Thirsty, and Ol' Dirty Bastard's Fantasy, Winston said the idea first... >
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